Why I love the Taco Bell App

Back in October my favorite fast food establishment released an epic app for ordering from your smart phone. I have been using this app since it’s release. In simple terms the app lets you customize your order and skip the in-store order line. It’s really a great time-saver during the lunch rush hour and also very helpful when ordering for big groups…you can input and submit everyone’s order before you even get in car to head to the border.

Taco Bell was already my favorite place to eat at but this app takes it to a-whole-nother-level! Other features include easy reordering of your favorites, quickly paying with your credit/debt card or gift card along with being able to view your local Taco Bell’s hours of operation. As a bonus currently (for a limited time) you can get a free Doritos Locos Taco with any order and you can get Freezes for $1.00– only on the app. It truly makes me feel like I’m part of some special Taco Bell VIP club.

I recommend everyone try this app out. I think you will find that it makes the whole process of ordering and getting your food a lot easier, all while saving you some time (and even some money) in the process.

This wonderful app is available for iOS & Android devices for free…just click here!

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Thursday, January 29th, 2015